Approval-type Business Processes

Over the course of 2014, we have developed a special solution built on top of the Oracle BPM stack called e-Approval. This solution allows customers to create multi-tenant approval-type business processes by means of configuration using UI tools.

Traditionally, BPM projects are modelled, built and deployed using a life-cycle approach and different tools in the process. It involves many stake-holders including Business Owners, Analysts, Process Architects and Developers and finally a Platform Team to deploy the solution. Additionally, in our experience we have found that a great portion of business processes developed are actually a variation (or form) of an approval process.

With this in mind, our team has created a generic approval-type solution that allows configuring business processes instead of building them, with the following benefits:

For Business:

  • multi-tenant: multiple flows can be configured independently
  • almost no development required (except for customisations and/or business rules) thus greatly reducing Time to Market and Cost
  • no dependencies on other teams: self-adminstration UI to configure new or changing existing flows
  • avoid re-deployment delays: changes are applied instantly

For IT:

  • one solution supports multiple business processes, thus reducing the overall cost of both hardware and licenses
  • easy to maintain and roll-out new releases
  • the solution can evolve over time with minimal impact on the existing flows
  • reducing the amount of deployments lessens the risk of platform downtime and restarts

If you would like to know how you can benefit from using e-Approval in your organisation please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


Current Initiative: Task-based Business Processes

As well as continuing to evolve e-Approval, we are also developing a new solution to allow customers to configure task-based business processes, which allow the resolution of one or more tasks depending on the type of request.

The solution has the following characteristics:

  • A task engine that is able to assign an unlimited number of tasks to different resolution groups

  • An optional approval / review stage can be configured so that the list of tasks are checked and additional information entered before being sent for resolution
  • Each task can have its own approval / resolution flow, optionally making its resolution conditional through the use of rules

  • Tasks can be grouped by categories and added to a global catalogue, potentially integrating with Asset management systems and external providers



Where can this solution be used? The typical scenarios would be a:

  • pre or off-boarding processes
  • service desks
  • any business process that requires a list of tasks to be executed

The benefits are:

  • Configure processes instead of developing, thus reducing development times
  • Deploy changes immediately
  • Reduce cost and time to market


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