We work with customers coming fom different verticals, which help us understand and widen our knowledge of the different sectors and the various challenges that lie within each of these. This in turn allows us to research and propose the best possible solutions for each type of challenge.

Below are some of the projects we have worked on in the different sectors.


  • Objective: to establish a base architecture – components and processes – to serve as a foundation for all current and future BPM projects. This architecture has allowed the customer to integrate its internet portal to the back-office systems. A custom Forms engine was developed to reduce costs in the implementation of new processes

  • We have worked in several large-scale BPM implementations across Europe providing specialized consulting services in areas such as platform tuning, best practices and process improvement


Our largest working sector yet - where we can highlight the following projects:

  • Implemented the first global BPM solution around a core business process. The solution manages the life cycle (assembling, review, approve) of regulatory drug documents.
  • Multi-tenant HR solution for off-boarding and on-boarding associates into the organisation

Public Sector

  • Project to provide support and tune the existing platform and to set up a new one. Reference in the customer to provide the development teams best practices for the design and the implementation of the new projects.


If you have any questions on the different solutions, case studies or references please Contact Us


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