Our professionals have a vast experience in the IT world.

By working on heterogeneous environments, in different verticals and with very different types of projects - ranging from small departmental (3-6 months) initiatives to full scale implementations of core business processes - we have acquired a solid knowledge base and a well established set of pratices.

We have worked in all sets of verticals - Finance, Telco, Retail, Pharma, Public Sector and transport, and in various scenarios that include projects with a high degree of risk or tight delivery schedules. We always aim to deliver according to business needs and to fullfil our customers expectations.

Nevertheless we never rest - as engineers we are always curious and keen to learn. We are lways trying to expand our knowledge and improve our techniques. At the end of the day, we are just doing what we know best: optimise the way we work in the same we we optimise business processes.

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