Systems Administration

An integral part of successfully running a BPM project is to have an optimum environment to support the execution of business processes. At BSS we can help you automate the setup of your platform, its maintenance and even fine-tune it according to the needs of your solutions.


Automating the creation, setup and startup of a new domain from scratch is completely possible. Our System Administrators can help you create all the necessary scripts to execute all the tasks such as Weblogic domain creation, data-sources set up and even the automatic deployment of your application composites or enterprise archives.

Continuous Integration

As part of the platform activities, we can also help you set up Continuous Integration tools to help facilitate the deployment and testing of new releases made by your development teams. This allows developers to freely test their code in the development environments whilst freeing the platform resources, thus saving time and lowering costs.

Older Oracle BPM Platforms

If you are running previous versions of Oracle BPM software (BEA AquaLogic BPM) we can help. Our System Administrators have the knowledge and expertise to keep your platform running (and even optimise it as much as possible) until it is decommissioned or migrated to other newer versions of your platform.

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