Oracle Summer Camps 2017 - Development Cloud Track

During the last week of august of 2017 Oracle held an event for partners known as "PaaS Summer Camp" in which there were 6 training tracks. Were you at the event? Did you attend the “Cloud Application Development” track on Lisbon 2017? If you did not, do not worry: below is a small summary.

On the first day, before the track started, we were shown 2 demos. The first one was our conference app that Jürgen Kress advertised on his emails and during the event. The second one was the IoT Racing Demo in which the Oracle team showed how the IoT Cloud can work and integrate with other things to make life easier.

Monday and Tuesday were all about Oracle JET, its new tools and integration with NetBeans IDE. The trainer was Geertjan Wielenga and the learning method was to explain each main concept along with a hands-on lab to further develop the recently acquired

Amongst these innovations the most outstanding is the new CLI, which enables users to can create, build, clean, etc. thus making it easier to manage Jet projects.

The remaining 3 days was all about the Oracle cloud with trainers Maciej Gruszka and Volker Linz. The objective was to learn continuous integration with GitHub into ACCS, Docker, CCS, etc. and its integration with a Jira-type dashboard where developers can create tasks, make changes to code, test and finally push to production without leaving the dashboard. Other samples included a Weblogic and DB migration from on-promise to cloud with a few steps. Finally, there was a session on the cloud tools available to monitor performance, errors, etc. in order to find out and analyze the experience of users with our published services. There were 11 labs available on GitHub and an extra lab for the measurements bits with Oracle Management Cloud (OMC). The learning method was a summary of the technology and then a run through the first 4 labs on Wednesday. 

On Wednesday after lunch the Oracle Spain team presented the Hospitality demo, which showcases the user experience of booking and staying in a hotel. As we were lucky to build the some of the bits along with the Oracle team, we also had the chance to introduce our bit which consists of a back-office dashboard built with Jet and a block-chain network for B2B purposes. The demo itself uses 16+2 services in various Oracle cloud services!

dev-cloud-2On Thursday, the trainers explained how continuous integration works and how docker helps with it. There were 5 labs for this day although some developers did some of the labs beforehand. This day required more time because the resource limit of the cloud accounts was reached, hence they had to clean resources from Wednesday in order to build the new labs. After Lunch there was a demo of PLCs and IoT Cloud service in order to illustrate how cloud can interact with PLC devices and in turn what information can be gathered from these.

Finally, Friday was the day that developers could learn how monitoring the performance of the services built with previous labs. In addition, it was the worst day because is marked the end of a wonderful week where we got to meet new mates and very good trainers, which made it more difficult to say good-bye!

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